These and many similar myths are heard quite often in everyday conversations. Copyright guidelines are sometimes hard to grasp. Or, confusing. Or, forgotten.

Accessibility of published works in online platforms is often mistaken for free reign of use.

In each of the cases above, the answer is NO.


  • Images are protected by copyright law. Always check the Terms and Conditions of the website where you located the image to check whether you can reuse freely, or how to obtain permission to reuse it.
  • Once you publish a work, be it a short story, a scientific article or a novel, you sign off the copyright to the publisher. Even you as the author can no longer freely make copies to distribute. Permission is needed.
  • Videos are protected by copyright law. Public performance rights are needed in order to play the movie in a public venue.


If you or your organization has faced these or any other copyright dilemmas, your worries are over.  Our team is here to assist you decipher any of the copyright guidelines, terms and conditions of licensing agreements you may have signed (or need to sign), obtain permission for reuse of copyrighted work, or even create documentation and workflows that can help your organization become and stay copyright compliant.

We come with over a decade of expertise in copyright compliance advisory, expert negotiation skills and proven steady customer focus.


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